HPTAP – Homeowners Property Tax Assistance Program

What is the Homeowners Property Tax Assistance Program?

The Homeowner’s Property Tax Assistance Program (HPTAP) lowers City of Detroit property taxes for homeowners with low incomes.

The program only lowers taxes for the year you apply. Apply every year to have your taxes lowered for that year.

This program does not help with back taxes to the Wayne County Treasurer. But my lowering this year’s tax bill, it can make back taxes easier to pay off.

Apply to have your 2018 Property Taxes Reduced!

Use the chart below to see if you are eligible. If your income is less than the amount listed for your household size, you are eligible! 

For free help filling out the application, visit a location near you.

Bring the following paperwork with you:

Proof of Ownership:
Deed, Land Contract or Court Order

Proof of Residence:
For everyone who lives in the home;
Current photo ID or driver’s license for all adults (18+)
Report card, transcript, or healthcare record for all children (5-17)

Proof of ALL Income:
For everyone who lives in the home;
2017 Federal and/or state income tax return (if you filed)
W-2, pay stubs, SSI/SSD statement, pension, food stamp award letter, etc.

Proof of Assets:
Bank statement, 401k statement, insurance letters, etc.

Proof of Occupancy:
DTE Bill and Water Bill

Proof of Expenses:
Wayne County Treasurer payment plan agreement, medical bills, insurance, loans, credit cards, etc.

Download this Step-By-Step Guide for details on the application process.